Fact Check: Are the top 10 taxpayers in Moffat County all energy-related businesses?



Dennis Webb

Media Publication:

The Daily Sentinel

Originally Published On:

August 9, 2018



Claim: In a story about people and companies pulling their accounts from Bank of the West in Craig over the bank's Facebook post, which has since been edited, saying  it would “no longer fund tobacco, coal, fracking, or Arctic drilling,” the reporter quotes Moffat Commissioner Ray Beck as saying the county's top 10 taxpayers all are energy-related businesses, and energy development is a way of life for the county.

Fact: Much of Craig’s economy – and its residents – rely on the very industries the bank eschewed. County tax records validate Beck’s claims with a list of showing the top 10 taxpayers for 2017 were indeed all energy companies that paid a combined $26.3 million in taxes last year.

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August 10, 2018